A Brief Introdution for Public Speaking

What is Public Speaking? Why we must do Public Speaking? and How to do it?

Frankly speaking, Public speaking is a content delivery process from subject to object (of course in this case you want to speak to more than one person) and it can be proven by feedback. From this (my) definition we can get some main elements :

  1. Subject : You, yes you.
  2. Content : What you wanna say, the things you want people to know.
  3. Delivery : How you share the content.
  4. Object : Your audience, or maybe your viewers on Youtube.
  5. Feedback : Your audience respond from your content and delivery.

Public Speaking

There are many urgency of Public Speaking even for today needs. At least there are three things that make Public Speaking is important for us.

  1. We are human (and we all need to communicate to each other) : Communication is human basic need and its a fact. From infant we try to communicate with our parent even we cannot yet to speak but we try it with cry (or throw somethings). Yes, communication its not only about verbal one, but one of the most effective way to communicate is our verbal skill or in this case is public speaking. We can see how many miracles from Luther King’s speech until Soekarno’s speech (don’t forget Bung Tomo) and yes, they’re speak publically.
  2. Our professional needs : You want to raise your salary? wanna win the presentation competition? or win the heart and mind of Judges at trial? You name it.
  3. Spread worth (and good) ideas : Who can deny the effect from Luther King’s Speech for civil movement or forget about the magnificent feel when we heard Bung Tomo’s Speech at November 1945? Well, that’s a bit of what public speaking can impact and reshape your world.

Last but not least, how we do this Public Speaking things?

Well, there are many way to Rome, either your Public Speaking. Various number of methods from experts can lead you to mastery of Public Speaking. But at least we can found the basic things to learn it and they are :

  1. Motive : The goal you set, strong why you do Public Speaking;
  2. Mental : This one is all about our determination to achieve our motive, the persistent and be patient to doing Public Speaking day by day;
  3. Manner : Yeah, nothing come easily, training and practice is a must, start with the closest such as you try to ask at the class (make sure you’re not slept at class), or you try to present your progress to your boss, manner make you better.

Well folks, because this is a Brief Introduction for Public Speaking, for more information you can read my latest book “Prophetic Public Speaking” to know why, what and how to do Public Speaking based on my research from The Prophets (Peace be upon them).

And yes mate, this book use “bahasa”, (I really hope can translate it to english or arabic so it can be consume globally)

Thanks for reading.



Refference :

Himas el Hakim, Prophetic Public Speaking, Saga Publishing, Surabaya, 2016.


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